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Krissy just bought a fabulous new sofa for her living room and she is absolutely thrilled about it. Now, she has where to relax after a hard day’s work. And Krissy wouldn’t mind if you would help her make herself comfortable on the new sofa. You can suggest her to apply a fabulous natural mask while reading a cool magazine or an interesting book. Concerning the dress up part, a good idea would be putting on a fluffy robe with a pair of gorgeous slippers. Or, if she wants something a little more trendy for laying around on the sofa to relax, she can wear a cute pink T-shirt, with a pair of cute blue tights. Regarding the hair, a good idea for Krissy would be to make a posh ponytail and also wearing some awesome colorful earrings. So have fun with our fabulous new dress up game, named Krissy Sofa Relax!


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