Bead Smith Jen Frozen

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What would you say about stepping into the shoes of a super talented jewellery designer who’s about to start working her amazing skills and create the latest Frozen-themed necklaces collection for our virtual jewellery shop? Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Well ladies, then feel free to step in getting the ‘Bead Smith Jen: Frozen’ jewellery decoration game started and first of all let’s go shopping for all those items our super fun decoration sessions requires: look for the glittery beads, necklace lockets, sparkling stones and Frozen inspired pendants, too and once you have everything prepared move to the next page of the game and let the fun begin! Now let your creativity run free and design the perfect Frozen necklace for your little special clients! Select the wire’s color you fancy the most and then start putting together the items you fancy the most to create your very first, unique Frozen necklace.


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