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Hello, ladies! Are you ready for an awesome new decoration lesson? Today, we are going to make delicious, crunchy cupcakes Diy, which I’m sure you’re gonna love to decorate. So let’s get to work! First, make sure your Diy cupcakes are baked properly. After you let them cool down for a couple of hours, the fun part can start! You can use all sorts of fruits, flavors and icings and combine them as you wish, so that the Diy cupcakes look deliciously good. For instance, you can put some chocolate icing on top of the cupcakes, with strawberry flavor decorations on the edges and a bit of cream on top. I bet you won’t be able to stay away from them of how delicious they look. Or ,you can put vanilla icing instead, but keeping the cream from the top and add a slice of yummy strawberry. Bon appetit at Cupcake Diy!


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