Bratz Games

You want to see your Bratz idols in one fashion show? Try Bratz fashion show dress-up game. You can find this online in any of game sites that carry Bratz games. You’d be amazed on how these four pretty dolls can be in one show or can stand there to model in the same stage. It would be nice to see all of them having fun as you too can have the same fun as you style them for their fashionable ramp on stage.

A glamorous stage will welcome you as you start this game. There are many stage lights and most of them are colourful disco lights. The stage is big enough to accommodate our four models. The stage looks bright and vibrant in color. This is obviously a stage set to entertain nice and fashionable young ones. It is not the typical artistic type where there are dim lights, chanting sounds, or a setting that requires deep interpretation of what the expression represents. Bratz stage is for the girls who just want to look pretty. After getting mesmerized with the stage, it is time to choose your doll. You can pick one, a pair or even the four of them. The stage is wide and big anyway. To do this all you have to do is to pick the “person” button on the top left of the page.
Right after you made a selection on which among the dolls or how many of them you would like to join the show, click on the close button on the upper right corner of the game screen so other buttons can appear. These are bottoms, tops, shoes, and show. Just click them one by one until you are satisfied of how your chosen dolls fashionably project themselves on stage.

Bratz dolls are so nice to give a dress-up or makeover. Anything that you put on them just enhances their lean and petite body. It is just wonderful to give them a style. Their flowing long hair adds more to their unquestionably sex appeal. Bratz dress up games are complete with Bratz on stage preparing themselves for a fashion show.