Cooking Games

Cooking is an art. This is why aside from dress-up games, created are cooking games to make learning of art a fun experience to children. There are too many colors in cooking and there is also measurement to prepare a dish. More so, it will not really be fun to cook if the kitchen is not conducive enough to make cooking a fun experience. This fact applies not just to virtual games but in real life cooking as well.

As we can notice of whether it is Barbie’s or Dora’s cooking game, the kitchen is styled to be really pleasing to the eyes most especially in Dora the explorer’s La Cocina where ingredients are neatly placed in the countertop, in the kitchen cabinet, and in the fridge. The kitchen is even made very enticing that when you mouse over the kitchen furnishing, it opens automatically to show the player where to get the ingredients needed to prepare Dora’s dishes in the recipe book. From this alone, we can say that cooking is really an art. It requires a comfortable and pleasant neat kitchen to enjoy cooking.

What makes cooking an art which is very evident in all cooking games in Dora’s, Barbie’s, and Bratz’ is the use of many colors to make the food palatable. We do not just consider the taste but we need to look for ingredients as well that will give color to food. From here, children learn different colors in the most fun and educational way of cooking. To get the desired colors, chef or cooks or anyone who comes up with a good menu need to consider fruits, vegetables, crops to be included in the recipe just to make sure the dish will come out colourful and mouth-watering to look at. We can tell how boring the food is if it looks like water to us or just plain white rice. Even rice nowadays are given flavour to make it look sumptuous even without viands. This is especially for kids who are bored eating rice no matter how delicious their viands are. These are only few reasons why we can say cooking is an art which is very evident on online cooking games.