Dora Games

Dora needs to be dressed-up too. Yes, she is just a kid and not a hot chic like Barbie, Bratz, or some anime dolls but just like any other kid whom you want to hug when they look so pretty in their baby tees and blue jeans short shorts or in their cutie dresses.

Are you curious of Dora’s wardrobe collection? Then check on Dressup Dora the Explorer. And for once, you’ll find Dora without her sidekick Boots. It is just all about Dora and her clothes plus some accessories and footwear. And when we speak of this adventurous little girl, we do not just think of clothes but costumes of different kinds. It is just like watching Dora in Nickjr where you see her wearing not the usual daily get up what other girls wear. She has lots of Boots, scarves, hats and caps, and other protective gear to free herself from insect bites, striking heat of the sun, and scar from tall and sharp bushes. Simply put, this Dora dress-up game is not just about aesthetics but considered more is the practical use of the attire.

Oh by the way, in Dress Up Dora the Explorer, there is no scenario given of where Dora needs to go. So it is up to you to just imagine where Dora is heading to after you style her. You may want to send her to some muddy adventure so you need to come up with the appropriate clothing style for her or you just simply want her to stroll around the park and see some friends. In this case, shorts and pretty top will work out fine for her. And don’t forget to get an eyewear for her. She doesn’t want anything geeky style. She just wants it cool and a true sun protection for her big wide innocent eyes. Accessories are something you do not want to miss when you play Dora dress-up games. She got tons of these for different occasions, in fact. From her hats alone, you’ll spend so much time already picking which one among the others which all equally look good.