Giraffe Caring

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In this fun game called Giraffe Caring, Maggie received an adorable giraffe for her birthday and now she is responsible for him. She named him Max and she loves him very much, and Max loves her too. The giraffe caring consists of several steps and they are mandatory if Maggie wants Max to be happy. For starters, you can help Maggie caring for Max the giraffe by brushing his fur so that it is cleaned more efficiently and then, by giving him a warm, relaxing bath by cleaning him with top quality shampoo and you finish the bathing with drying the fur. After you are done with this step, you move on and pamper Max with all sorts of cute accessories and adorable clothes, especially made for him. You can give him a beautiful, brown collar to match his shiny, brown fur and some cool sunglasses and a blue jacket. And don’t forget about the shoes which are also very important! So have fun with our new, exciting game, with Maggie and Max, named Giraffe Caring!


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