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Linda finally got her vacation from the office and she needs to relax as much as she can. What’s the best way for relaxation? The Spa! She expected this the whole year! Now she’s at the Spa Salon and she can’t wait for the beauty treatments and the makeover she signed up for. In this fun management game called Linda’s Salon And Spa we’ll help Linda relax and get the makeover she wants. We’ll start with the facial treatment and take care of her acne and then we will go on with giving her the desired makeover. We will change her overall look by changing her hairstyle and trying some new types of clothing to keep her in style. As Linda has to wear high heels all the time for work, we’ll choose some comfortable shoes for her and some fancy accessories to complete the look. Great! Now she’s ready to go on vacation with her boyfriend. Have fun playing our new game: Linda’s Salon And Spa as well as helping Linda relax! Enjoy!


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